This game has been made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2019 Game Jam.

The theme was: "only one".

We decided to go literally, and having the player incarnate the digit '1', a.k.a. the "Only One 1" remaining in the world. Their task is to get rid of all the Zeroes.

To complete this task, the player can use the small booster on its base to fly, and propulse its hook toward platforms to be pulled towards them and create shockwaves, or directly hook zeroes to properly headbutt them.

Gamepad controls:

Left stick: Movement

A: Booster Thrust

B/X: Grapple

Keyboard Controls:

Player 1:

A/D or Z/D: movement

W: Booster Thrust

Space / Left Shift: Grapple

Player 2:

Left and Right Arrows: movement

Up Arrow: Booster Thrust

Right Shift / Zero (numpad): Grapple


Project Management - Aurélien Defossez

Development - Brice Clocher (Victory screen & Enemies), Aurélien Defossez (VFX & Controls), Sébastien Gaumin (VFX & Enemies), Vincent Pettineo (Menus),  Emmanuel Schmück (Physics & Controls)

Graphics - Vincent Pettineo

Music - Sébastien Gaumin

Sound Design - Aurélien Defossez

Level Design - Sébastien Gaumin

Cooking - Aurélien Defossez, Sébastien Gaumin


Download 16 MB
Only One 1 v1.1 windows 27 MB
Only One 1 v1.1 27 MB
Only One 1 v1.1 Linux 27 MB

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